E-Tech Management is a company with global presence in the electronics processing and recycling industry. ETM has over 20 years of industry experience, active ownership and a corporate philosophy dedicated to the core value of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. We thrived to provide our clients with a sustainable electronic recycling solution for their used electronic devices. Our complete transparency gives our customers the peace of mind to know their materials have been processed and recycled exactly as promised. Every day we do our part to protect the earth and the liability of our clients through our ethical, safe and secure recycling processes. Thanks to our advance processing and recycling technologies, we can protect the environment through reducing air emission and pollution

Our goals:
• E-Tech Management is committed to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
• E-Tech Management utilized the latest in recycling and processing technologies to solve our client’s electronic waste and disposal problem.
• E-Tech Management will provide our client with 100% assurance that every piece of their equipment and devices will be properly handled in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.
• E-Tech Management has a strict zero landfill that ensure no electronic waste will be added to the global waste loop by exporting to third world countries.


After 20 excellent years in the recycling market, E-Tech Management has became the leader in the following sector:

  • Electronics recycling – IT Equipment, Home appliances, Plastics
  • Non Ferrous Metal Recycling
  • Hard Drive Shredding and recycling of Rare Earth Magnetic Metal
  • Data Destruction Service
  • Logistics

E.T.M’s operations excel through rigorous processes which we continually improve to improve the standards of our industry for efficiency, safety and security.

We also strongly believe that our 3R mission — “Reduce”, “Reuse”, “Recycle” is the best way for us to keep the economy growing and minimize destruction of the environment. Our 100,000 ft2 recycling plant is able to handle any kind of E-Waste in quantity exceeding 1000MT in a month.